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    Hey, I'm transfering to Tokyo for Spring 07 and I need a new laptop. My crap of a thing called Dell sucks.

    I need it for MS Word, Final Draft, ichat, and I hope the built in iSight doesn't suck.

    Anyways, I need 1 gig of Ram.

    I can't spend much but if I need too, I will buy the pro.

    Should I buy the MacBook and when would be the best time?

    Take care,


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    If you want the cheapest way to do it, get the 1.83GHz macbook and max out the RAM. It'll do everthing you want, certainly. The built in iSight is a 640x480 fixed focus camera - it's pretty good by all accounts. Better than a lot of webcams, anyway.

    The time to do it is "whenever you like" :-)

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    i agree with cazabam.....but I think you may be better off getting the pro if you can afford it....however, its more important to max out the ram in my opinion. Dont listen to all the crap about when to buy....just buy the thing when you need could wait forever for the next best thing

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