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    Question Problems with powerbook performance
    I own a Powerbook G4 500 Mhz Titanium with 768 MB of RAM.

    But the thing does not seem to run too well at all with graphics programs, especially 3D graphics. From what ive been told, it should be wuite good at handling these things, especially since I installed the extra 512 MB of RAM.

    I recently downloaded a flight sim so I could test out the 3D processing power and the thing ran so slow, it was like watching a slide-show rather than a smooth 3D simulation.

    Do I need to install some sort of drivers to get my graphics working card working properly? Ive already tried reinstalling the system but that did nothing.

    Please help.

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    the powerbook g4 @ 500mhz has an ati rage 128 graphics card, which is weak to say the least. this card is the predecessor of the radeon line.

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