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    Alright I am what you would call a 'newbie' but I have a question about Mac powerbooks, I am currently a student at Auburn University, and I am in the process of switching majors into Graphic Design, I currently own a Windows OS laptop, and the major requires a Mac Powerbook, I was curious which notebook (or "Powerbook") would be my best option? I will be buying this in probably 5-12 months, is anything expected to come out in that time? Do any of you own a powerbook? If so are you satisfied. Thank you ahead of time for the answers and insights.


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    If it specifically says Powerbook then go for the latest G4 PB or the new MacBook Pro(new powerbook just different name since switching to Intel chip). Adobe Apps such as CS2 are faster on the G4 for now just because the Mac version is built for the G4/G5 processer but next year CS3 will not have that problem because it will be universal. So it will be faster since it will not be using Rosetta.

    I have used ibook G4 during my graphics education and it has been great to me. I have also used a powerbook as well and both are great. PB is faster of course and a bit more powerful. I would suggest the G4 PB if you have to save a little cash but a MbP if you have the extra cash to spend. 15" only though.

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    It would be good to let us know what is required in your major at your school as far as apps and minimum system requirements because Powerbook is pretty broad...RAM, processor speed, etc.

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    thank you for the reply, lets see required apps, they are Adobe Creative Suite 2 (as of now) includes PS, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, Acrobat 7.0, Version Cue, Bridge, and Adobe Stock Photos

    also Macromedia Studio 8

    includes DreamWeaver, Flash Pro, Fireworks, Contribute, FlashPaper

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    Adobe should have CS3 out early next year, Studio 9 too.

    If you're waiting half a year to buy, then go with the Macbook or Macbook Pro. Both laptops should be very competitive and will last you for quite some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slyseeker
    Adobe should have CS3 out early next year, Studio 9 too.

    If you're waiting half a year to buy, then go with the Macbook or Macbook Pro. Both laptops should be very competitive and will last you for quite some time.
    CS3, it depends because I get an AU discount $399 for the CS2 (all programs) and $299 for the Macromedia package, if they put out a deal like that for CS3 and 9 I could do it, but if not I doubt I could

    So both laptops should stay on top for a while, because my dad bought a G4 for his final cut (he is a director/producer) and a couple weeks later the G5 came out, and I would like to avoid that if possible

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    Okay I have used same programs on my ibook with no problems. I have all of those programs on my ibook right now and use them regularly. Now I would suggest when it comes time to buy get the MacBook or the MacBook Pro. Since you said 5-12 months I would wait and see if a new MacBook update comes around especially if you are waiting a full year. By then a lot of the bugs from the transition should be worked out.

    Now whether to get the MB or MBP? If you like faster results then when rendering in apps like Flash and Photoshop the MBP will handle that a lot faster than the MacBook.

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    And as far as discounts I have never encountered aq situation where the discount was not offered for Creative Suites or Studio. So when CS3 and Studio 9 come out expect to be able to get the discounted versions.

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    Okay, yalls comments are giving me a bit on a read, how much faster is the Pro, because ultimately cost will play a major role but if the Pro is a far better deal with the higher cost, and I have found steady work and am able to tap into other accounts I have I can do the pro but I would have to say it would have to be fairly superior to the regular MacBook, so the discounts are common, because I just thought it was a student discount or something, but it is good to know that the discounts are not a rarity, especially with new versions coming out

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