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    Safe Mode Horror
    Ok So my good O' Aluminum Powerbook G4 12" is now becoming soo annoying. The powerbook was given to me by my dad's co-worker so no i do not have Apple Care. Ok so first, my enter key right above my shift key stoped working. Now My Caps key, both right and left shift key is not working properly. I poped the keys off, to find liquid in it. Now i don't know how long it has been that way, but i know it wasn't me, and i think thats what possibly destroyed those keys. But my biggest problem is the Safe Mode.

    I believe that pressing the shift key as you boot your PBG4 enables it to boot in safe Mode. I do not want my comp booting in Safe Mode cause then i can't use Airport, USB and soo many different things. Does anyone know what i could do to somehow lock my keys? or somehow disable this Safe Mode?
    Just anything to stop my comp from booting in safe mode

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    If you found liquid in under your keyboard and had no idea how it got there or how long it had been there, then your keyboard is likely fried. That is probably the reason your computer keeps starting in Safe Mode and until they keyboard probelm/issue is resolved or repaired it always will.
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