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    Can I disable the alternate fuction keys?
    We have some homegrown Windows only apps here at work that I use in Virtual PC when at home. They run great....but....many of the functions are associated with the std PC function keys. The app is not GUI and for example I need to use F12 to file. This one is pretty easy and I can use Fn + F12 to file, but some of the others require....Shift + Fn + F8, etc. Unfortunately, I find I am constantly hitting F8 out of habit and raising/lowering the volume and other things. Is there an easy way to temporarily inactivate the shortcuts associated with the keys (volume, brightness)?

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    found my answer...should check the Apple KB first.....

    fyi - Article ID: 60432

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    How well does Virtual PC run for you? I tried it on my iBook, 933 G4, and it ran horribly. I just have 256 ram at the moment, which could have been part of the issue, but I installed xp pro on it using a xp cd instead of one of those packs that come with virtual pc, and it was just wayy too slow to use.

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    I have 640RAM and the VPC is OK...obiously slower than a normal XP machine, but the apps I run are basically text based and VPC can handle them with no problem. I also got the VPC with XP inlcuded...and it's not Pro. Don't know if that makes a's probably the RAM.

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    Hey folks, just wanted to post something else I found....Google a program called UControl. It allows easy edits to the function keys. An added bonus is the virtual scroll wheel you can use. It creates a scroll wheel while using the track pad and the Fn key. Use it once and you are hooked!

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