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    G4 Titanium doesn't start, Disk Worrior now in action HELP!!!
    Hi all,
    I am in total panic as my PowerBook G4 Titanium (1Ghz/60Gb/Tiger 10.4.7 latest version) after being overloaded till the last byte it slowed down until it died. At startup it stops at the grey screen with the wheel spinning forever and never reaching the blue screen, but going black and eventually off. I've tried to disk-target in firewire with a PowerPC, but although I see the firewire icon floating on screen, the hard disk won't appear on the other PowerPC. I've tried to boot from Tiger install and Techtool PRO CDs, but they both don't see the hard drive once launched. Pressing the option key I get the hard drive option together with the others but again going nowhere after the grey screenshot/wheel spinning. Starting from the e-drive (by Techtool PRO) partition of the hard drive, can't mount the drive as it does not appear.
    Finally I've bought Disk Warrior, and starting from the CD, it saw the HD suffering somewhere and gave me the 'rebuild the directory' option, which I obviously pressed and started. After a few minutes I have been stuck for about three hours with the animated progress bar of the 'step 5: Locating directory data' totally frozen, not moving and the other progress bar above this of 'Rebuilding directory' half way, as well not moving.
    Mouse is not frozen but spinning..
    Any clues?
    Is this bar normally animated (the one with diagonal lines before the actual progress bar)? Is it all frozen or it might take hours or days to rebuild??
    Appreciate any feedbacks. HELP!!!!!!!!

    I've got imprtant data to rescue in it, and in desperate and urgent need!

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    I hate to say it, but your drive might just be too far gone. You have already tried the steps I would have suggested to no avail.
    The only thing I would suggest is trying DiskWarrior again and see if you can resume the process.
    Outside of that it might just be lost for good.

    Take a look at this page and just double check that you have followed all the steps outlined one more time:
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    Thanks for your quick reply although not reassuring!!!
    Well, I am prepared to forget about it all now..
    I've switched it off as it was frozen on step 5 of re-build the directory / Disk Warrior, re-started from Warrior again and now so slow that can't even launch Warrior!!! I wish I could erase some crap from this hard drive in order to get it going again :-(
    Might let it rest overnight and try again in the morning.
    Do I sound pathetic? Who has been there will understand.
    Over to the crowd.

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