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    couple of questions about Monitors.
    i have my MacBook hooked up to my 56" tv via a VGA cable. i have it set to mirror/duplicate the MacBook's screen.


    1 - it seems that the MacBook will only allow 800X600 viewing on my tv. but my tv is an HDTV and my windows laptop will display 1280X1024 on it. any other resolution will not work. why is this????????

    2 - when i have my MacBook hooked up to my tv i want to close the MacBook's lid and set it on my nightstand so i can view the tv screen from my bed. but when i close the lid it puts the Mac to sleep. i tried to find a setting to change this but i cant find one. can you set the MacBook to be able to close w/o going to sleep ONLY when hooked up to an external monitor???

    3 - what is the best refresh rate for such a tv???? (60, 70, 75 Hz, . . . ?????)

    other info if needed:
    computer: MacBook 2.0, 512MB (2gb in the mail, anxiously waiting for it!)
    tv: Samsung 56" rear-projection DLP tv. (

    thanks in advance

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    1-Try going into your TV with a DVI cable if it supports it.

    Otherwise check to see if you have a 'show other resolutions' checkbox that will let you activate non-recognized resolutions.

    2- Plug in a mouse or keyboard (bluetooth works as well) & your external display, close it and then wake it by clicking the mouse or hitting a key.

    3- AFAIK the higher the better.

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    yeah i dont have a DVI connection on my tv unfortunately.

    i'll have to give the keyboard/mouse trick a try.


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