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Thread: Broke Hinge on my Aluminium. HELP!! IDEAS?

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    Thumbs down [B]Broke Hinge on my Titanium. HELP!! IDEAS?[/B]

    I've broken the hinge on my aluminium powerbook 15". What should I do? Not used to having problems with a mac

    I know that if I take it to the Apple store, it will cost huge. Any other ideas? Sell it? Repair it? Where?

    Thanks guys/girls,

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    It seems as though it is a huge mission to do yourself huh?
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    I have that same issue with my Ti PowerBook. It looked like a major task to me, so I decide to leave as it is.

    If you dig through the archive, you can see when I broke mine.
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    I would, if I were you.. stop using it as a laptop, buy a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a lcd monitor from somewhere (i would choose apple, but dell is good too) and then use it as a desktop from now on.
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    Hey you could just Mod it into say 'the first powerbook toilet roll dispenser'. The opportunities are endless if you've got a lot of time to waste. :cool:

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