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    Macbook Upgrade Questions/Problem
    Upgrade Question:

    How much faster really are the Intel Core 2 Duos vs. the current ones? Would it be worth selling my current laptop (MB Pro 1.83ghz) and using the money to get a new-new one. (When they come out) Granted I don't do anything really high-end, but it's always nice to have options. While im on the topic of selling this computer, how much do you think I could get for it once the new ones come out.


    I noticed once I used my friend's MB pro that mine makes an odd noise, all the time. Imagine a fan with a small brush attatched to one of the blades and that little brush keeps hitting something as it goes around. That's what it sounds like, very faint, but very clear. The noise stops when the computer goes to sleep and doesn't get louder with heavy use. Any ideas? (I have applecare, so sending it back is fair game, though im not sure i can afford to be without it for a week..2 weeks, whatever it is.)

    Thanks for any input!

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    First question: No.

    The Core2Duo iMacs we got in are definitely NOT noticeably faster than the older CoreDuo models.

    The only case for upgrading that I can see is if you definitely need 64-Bit support for scientific apps for example.

    Otherwise hang on to your MBP for a year or two and get the one with quad-core processors they'll have released by then

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