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    g4 ibook trackpad problem
    I treated myself to a new ibook G4 just before the holidays and the first day using it I had trackpad problems. Apple told me the new ibooks were ultra sensitive and i may not be using it correctly. I am sure that is not the case, as I was fine for hours and then i had problems.

    In the following 2 weeks, the problem became more frequent. The pointer would spastically jump around the screen uncontrollably, or it wouldn't move at all. Couldn't deal with it. I use the ibook for business and lost a lot of billable time trying to get the computer to perform. I got the retailer to take it back after Apple refused. They don't seem to think there could have been a problem w/the ibook. It had to be software, installed ram, peripherals, etc. But not the machine. I've been a mac user for 10 years, so it wasn't due to lack of experience.

    Are others experiencing problems with the new ibook G4. I would like to get another one, but don't know if it was a fluke I had problems or if it is an ongoing problem. Paying for Apple Care shouldn't be a necessity right out of the box.

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    hey chafner, i bought a g4 ibook in november and everything was fine for about a month when i started having the trackpad problems you described. it was really frustrating, especially because it would occur at random moments. i had cleaned the trackpad with a moist cloth while the computer was on so i thought maybe i had gotten moisture into the trackpad and screwed it up. i seriously considered calling apple about the problem but decided to wait. i cleaned the trackpad with a clean, moist cloth when the ibook was off and haven't had any trackpad problems since.

    at this point i'm not exactly sure if this is a problem that still exists in my ibook or if the erratic behavior was just a fluke. if you go to's support discussion boards there's a thread about this exact problem. it seems some people have been able to get their ibook's sent in for repair while others are forced to deal with customer service that denies the problem.

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    to be honest, i thought my trackpad was like that and it started to worry me, but i used it for about 2 days and it was fine, almost as if it just needed breaking in a touch. now its excellent

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    after having my iBook for a few days I am finding you just need to get used to the trackpad and learn to use 'the right ouch'....there's a learning curve like anything else. plus this is my first laptop so I have nothing to compare....Go Apple!

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