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Thread: Need help! Apple Macbook partition problem!!

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    Need help! Apple Macbook partition problem!!
    Well i called apple to ask for help and their policy is not to give advice over the phone which made me mad after being in apple repair for 2 weeks for color distoration. Well now i got two partitions on my Macbook.
    1. Mac HD partition
    2. Untitled 2 (nothing on it)

    Well i need to get rid of the Untitled 2 partition and make it one HD so i can run bootcamp. Bootcamp will not let me partition it because it wasnt made by bootcamp. After two weeks in repair they still seem not to get it right. Even after the changing the bezel. The computer has blue dots of color distortion. Im calling apple to complain. But i need HELP to make it one partition. Please help Thank you!

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    You have 90days of free phone support with your mac purchase, so if you are still within that time frame, I'd get back to them.

    If you don't have any data on there you can boot off your system discs and reformat everything to just one partition.

    Hold down 'C' to boot off the DVD, select disk utility from the tools menu and erase the drive. Then proceed to reinstall the entire system, back up your data first as it WILL be deleted.

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