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    newer mac user, questions
    okay a couple of questions.

    1. the macbook batteries were not recalled were they?

    2. how do i uninstall applications completely??

    3. what's a good tool to clean out my system of any junk, system cleanup type of application?

    thanks in advance!!

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    1. No.

    2. Drag it to the trash. Empty trash.

    3. None needed, but if you're the paranoid type: Onyx will do routine maintenance.
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    Im new to this forum to, but i have used Mac for some years now.
    Just want to answer your question number 2:

    The most usual way to uninstall apps is to drag them into your trash can and then empty. But be aware that some app's make folders around your library. If the application does that, and you cant find a uninstaller (or instructions), a good way to do it is to use spotlight and find all the files connencted to the app, then remove it mannualy.. Another alternative is to use appzapper (a program).

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    ^^ Thats what I do is use spotlight every time I remove an app. Though I'm downloading this OnyX program, looks nice to have becuase I am one of those paranoid types!

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