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    Arrow should i buy this ibook?
    someone is selling an ibook in my area with the following "specs" please tell if its worth the estimated price or whether or not i'd be spending more than necessary!!! thanks for all your help and this, maybe, will be my first mac and i'm super excited to finally own one!!

    For sale:

    Apple iBook
    500mhz G3
    384mb RAM
    10gb hard drive
    12.1" screen
    Built-in Modem, ethernet, Firewire, AV, USB and RGB ports
    Built-in microphone and stereo speakers
    Mac OS X 10.3.9 and Mac OS 9.2
    Ratech2500 USB Wireless Internet card included.

    NOTE: Battery does not hold a charge.

    Asking $350 or best offer.

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    thats seems about right, just make sure this person is reliable

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    I would start your offer at $150.
    Personally, I wouldn't pay any more than $225 tops for a model with those specs, and that would have to be in as pristine of a condition as possible for that price. I'm not saying its a bad machine, quite the contrary. Sounds like it is a fine machine... its just not worth $350 if you ask me.


    Just saw that the battery doesn't hold a charge and that you didn't list if a power supply was included. Either way, it drops the price quite a bit.
    I have edited what I think would be fair offers to reflect that.
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    if i bought this ibook and bought a new battery and increased the hard drive do you guys think it would work great? i'm thinking of maybe increasing it to 40gb!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by amourbliss
    if i bought this ibook and bought a new battery and increased the hard drive do you guys think it would work great? i'm thinking of maybe increasing it to 40gb!!!
    I would avoid it. Once you get a new battery and hard drive, you'll be looking at close to $600 (assuming you pay the $350). And you'll need to replace both. You'd probably be wise to pick up a 512 MB RAM stick to replace the 256 in there, which will run you at least $70. For that total price, you could almost get a used G4 iBook.

    I recently picked up a G3 iBook (900 mhz, 640 MB RAM, Airport, OSX 10.4.7 with Tiger DVD, Combo drive, and battery that holds about 3 hours) for $400 shipped. I got a pretty good deal though.

    Anyway, I'd pass and keep my radar up for something better. I wouldn't pay more than $225 shipped for that machine. Even then, I'd still pass, as you'd need to put in at least $200 or so worth of upgrades to make it run well. Keep your eyes open for a better deal. They come along often. Also, check out these other two forums for good deals.

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