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    Is my powerbook dead?
    My tibook has been having kernel panics (Both with the polite message telling you to shut down your screen, and the one where a bunch of code rolls down the screen and it freezes). Also the computer sometimes just plain freezes sometimes and it also just shutsdown randomly. What could be the problem? I don't think its the ram, i tried both sticks independently and it still happens, unless both the ram sticks are bad.

    Update: After resetting the pram, the computer now just hangs at the apple logo startup screen with no spinning thing underneath it, just the logo.

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    Here is the kernel panic logs, it says 1976 because my pmu battery is dead.

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    After my iBook G4 did a few kernal panics and a reset, I got the same thing..gray screen, Apple but no gray wheel..and it was my processor dying..this happened twice to me! Has your PB been extremely hot the past few weeks?

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