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    Powerbook G4 Titanium - need some help please
    hey i have a powerbook g4 titanium model. had it since 2002 my screen died on me a few months ago. is that a common problem? i mean i can faintly see the desktop, but the bright control does nothing at all to make it brighter. is it the screen or like something that gives the screen power that went bad? any help would be awesome. thanks.

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    Do I need a new laptop LCD screen if my LCD screen is dim?

    You may or may not need a new LCD screen if the LCD screen is dim. If your LCD screen is dim it may be as a result of either 1) a faulty backlight or 2) a faulty inverter. The backlight is basically the light bulb in the laptop LCD screen which as one would suspect has an average useful life. The inverter, though, is a separate piece from the LCD screen. The inverter essentially 1) takes the DC power which the laptop runs off of and converts it into AC power and 2) steps-up the voltage to light up the cold cathode fluorescent backlight.

    We have found that when a laptop LCD screen is dim the majority of the time it is a result of a faulty inverter. Unfortunately, the best way to determine which is the cause of the dim screen is through process of elimination by trying either a new LCD screen or a new inverter and seeing which solves the problem. We highly recommend you purchase an inverter first as inverters are less expensive than LCD screens.
    Inverter Board, PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI

    Notes: may resolve a dim screen issue for DVI PowerBooks

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    thanks a lot . i really appreciate it.

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