Hey all:

I have a 20 month old Aluminum 15" Powerbook/80gb drive that has worked like a charm up until recently, when it started doing these 45 second long "churns" about 3 or 4 times a day (spinning beach ball things) but then would go on just fine. About a week ago I came up to the machine and saw the Dialog Box of Doom saying I had to restart my machine. It took me all morning to get it up and going again, but it was back to normal in terms of accomplishing tasks, but was running everything at 1/4 speed, with beachballs all the time!

I had about 10 gigs of free space on my drive - I knew it was full - and did housecleaning and cloned my drive onto an external drive (which I do regularly anyway). Erased my PB drive, reinstalled the archived data, and it worked fine for about a day, but now I'm back to where the machine is really sluggish and does its "churns" again (I can hear the hard drive gurgling away endlessly!).

Anyone there have any experiences like this, or have any thoughts on what's going on here??? Very distressing for a machine that has been so good to me and has not been at all roughed up!

Thanks in advance.


I just went on my daughter's iBook (12") and her's seems to be a bit sluggish as well... The only thing that the two may have in common is that we recently installed MS Office's latest update (it is v11.2.5), and as I think of it, it always seemed to be Entourage that initially caused my machine to do one of its 40 second churns... Though I tend to be knee-jerk suspicious of all of Redmond's software, I'm wondering if there might be any connection between Office and the sluggishness of this machine?