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    switching off
    Hey guys, bought a mac book this July and it's all been OK until this past week.
    The mac has suddenly started switching itself off. There's no pattern, browsing one minute then it powers off, no audible, just a black screen. To recover I have to switch it back on again. For the most part this works but yesterday I had to repeat the procedure 3 times b4 it stablilised.
    On each occassion the mac was running on the battery, it hasn't occured when the power adapter was connected and charging.

    As you can see from my previous threads I'm a complete novice when it comes to macs so I'm keen to see if this a common problem, the mac is virtually brand new.
    I had noticed from other forums that this fault led to the mac being returned and replaced.
    Please advise if anyone else has had the exact same problem.

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    This is a common problem, and is acknowledged by apple. Call AppleCare and mention that your macbook is suffering 'intermittent shutdown' and they'll sort out a new heatsink and logic board for you.

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    This is a common problem known as the 'random shutdown' issue.

    You'll need to get it fixed, contact applecare about it.


    ahh, cazabam's already explained it better

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