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    Loading Music
    Is it bad for the Macbook to load a lot of music onto it? I have a 60 gig hard drive, 2 gigs of ram, 2 ghz. How much is bad...i have a external drive for my other mac that i could use but it would be nice for it all to be on one machine.

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    How much music can 1 have? lol

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    No amount is "bad". That judgement of what the limit should be can be made by one person and one person only... you. It's your computer, put what you want on it.
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    Isn't there a point where once you have more than half the storage capability used up, that the Mac or even PC will start to become sluggish.

    My point being that if you have a 60GB HD and you have less than 30GB's left that you'll notice the performance lag?

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