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    No startup chime, doesn't boot
    I just received a ibook g3 700Mhz from my teacher and I need to repair it.
    Problem: no start up chime, no display
    When I hit the power button, then hit the caps lock button, the green light comes on which means it's getting the power.

    I opened up the whole ibook today and tried replacing the screen, still nothing shows up. I don't hear the fan or harddrive spinning...I'm stuck.

    Also, I have an ibook that doesn't even power up. Nothing happens when I hit the power button and the cap locks light doesn't come on. I tried replacing the battery and running it off the A/C power but still nothing.

    Any help please?

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    The startup chime is the systems post test results...if you have no chime, you have no computer and probably need to get a new logic board
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