My powerbook continues to go to sleep. I've found that the problem is my battery adapter, it seems that whenever i use the direct adapter (the one with the male part directly on it, not the extension) it stays on for a little bit, but then turns off. Then the battery is drained, causing it to go to sleep. Now this is very dangerous for me, because I have class regularly everyday and I have very important files open. I'm afriad that it'll one day shut down without saving anything and thus losing lots of import info. But it's odd, because when I use the extension adapter, it works perfectly fine. So I don't know if its just the connector or possibly my power strip or even my Powerbook?

Also one more thing, the lid of my powerbook has become very stiff. Like it isn't as smooth to open and close as it use to; I was wondering whether or not it's ok to spray WD-40 because of the fan ports that are right adjacent to the hinges. Well yah.

Any Suggestions?

Thanks in advance,