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Thread: Weird Problem

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    Weird Problem
    I'm new here, and I wanted to ask a question pertaining to the MacBook Pro that I'm renting from my college (and eventually buying from them.)

    Here goes...

    I've had the machine for about 5 days now. I've taken perfect care of it, and I haven't been downloading a lot of things, or anything. The only possibly problematic thing that has occurred was that the power went off and then came back on, within about 10 seconds, while I was using the Mac (plugged into an outlet, using wireless internet through a router.) It ended up just resorting to battery power, so I doubt that did anything to it.That was about 48 hours ago, and I hadn't used this thing until now.

    When I first started it up and signed on, everything was fine. It loaded quickly, and I changed some of my widgets around and signed onto my wireless network. Netscape worked fine, and so did iChat. However, when I attempted to load MSN, Photobooth and Disk Utilities, they wouldn't work. MSN was the only one that didn't bounce.

    I decided that the best thing to do would be to log out and restart the system, which is what I did. I didn't have any problems doing that and since I've restarted it, everything has been fine.

    Was that just a fluke coincidence, or what could it have been? It's really worrying me. I'm trying to keep this thing in perfect working order, especially since I plan to buy it from my school. Plus, I've got bad OCD.

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    Someone on another forum said to repair the disk permissions, so I did. Think that will help?

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    Did you launch MSN and the other 2 from the Dock?

    Just thought that if you did and they bounce, then navigate to your applications folder.
    In Finder go to the menu and click on Go, then click on Applications and in the window that opens find the apps you need and double-click on them in turn to see if they launch.

    Repairing Disk Permissions is always a good thing, it won't do any harm to repair them.....

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    I tried to launch those programs from the dock, so that's why they bounced. Once I noticed that Photo Booth wasn't going to open, I tried to open it through the Applications folder, and it still didn't work.

    I'm pretty sure that the problem was caused by MSN screwing up, because I got an error message about it, and it's been problematic all night. I've had a lot of problems sending messages and such.

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    As MSN Messenger is pretty poor on the Mac, I use Fire instead, which also lets you connect to other IM networks at the same time. It doesn't do all the fancy multimedia things that Live Messenger now does, but if you want to talk to people, it's fine.

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    try adium. It does MSN, AIM etc.
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    i ve heard msn screws up other apps on mac

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