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Thread: Month old MBP HDD sound

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    Month old MBP HDD sound
    Ok, after having my MBP for the first month, I've loved it. But now whenever i have it sitting on the desk I can hear the faint sound of the hard drive "whirring" or sometime "spinning". It cuts in and out when it's loading programs and I never seem to hear it when I'm using my MBP on my lap or sitting in bed. Seems like the sound goes away while the motion sensor is engaged or something. I tried tilting it upwards and it seems to get a bit more quiet. Should I send it to Apple and have it worked on or something? I do use my laptop every day as my main computer so I wouldn't like being without it for long, but I don't want the problem to get worse.

    I'm thinking that I could wait a couple of months and send it in maybe on a vacation break from school so I won't need it as much. I hope my new MBP isn't breaking neye:

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    the hard drive does make some noise....shouldnt be noticeable at all though. Dont expect the MBP to be silent, because its not. but its close

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