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    strange sound on new MacBook Pro
    i bought a 15" macbook pro last week (it's the first apple product i've ever owned) and it works great, except it's been periodically making the same almost thudding sound. it sounds extremely similar to what a pc would make if you tried to either hold down a key for a long period of time, or try to make it perform an action when it's unable to. unfortunately, because macs are kind of a mystery to me, i don't really know what to do about this. it doesn't seem to come from any specific program nor does it seem to be related to whatever action i'm taking. it sometimes happens really frequently, and at other points it almost stops all together, but usually it happens every 10 - 20 seconds.

    any thoughts? this computer is brand new and works perfectly besides this...

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    is it a beep? or a click? ......please try to identify a little better...thanks!

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    it's definitely closer to a clicking sound, but it doesn't sound like something inside the machine malfunctioning so much as it sounds like some program on the computer is making the sound.

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    sorry to bump this up again, but it's happening with even more frequency, and in stranger settings. i tried comparing it to the alert sounds that the os is using and it's like a much more low key version of osx "funk" alert sound. what's weird though is that the sound will happen even when i mute the computer. there is still really know rhyme or reason as to when it will happen, but the fact that it occurs even muted has me worried. any thoughts? is this normal? or should i take it back to the mac store to ask them? (it's only about 2 weeks old.

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    I know this is an old thread, but i am experiencing the same weird beep as described above on my MacBook Pro.

    My MacBook is less then a week old. I am running Leopard 10.5.1.

    The beep is like the noise from a PC when you hit too many keys on old keybords (as described by the original poster) and appears to come from the upper-left side of the machine. The beep isn't that frequent, but still once per minute or so. Muting the machine does not cancel the sound.

    Can somebody tell me which parts can be responsible for this?

    Thank you.


    Edit: I am finding more and more posts about this issue. I am trying to run the hdapm program right now.

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    I ran the hdapm utility but the sound is not completely gone. Its less frequent though.

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    mine makes a "bink boom" electronic sound and i thinks its my media link UPNP server.

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    Mine did the same thing with a dinging noise and come to find out it was Microsoft Entourage when it was checking my email, so if you have it set to check email every 5 minutes you will here the dinging noise every 5 minutes if Entourage is open or just running in the background.

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    My new Mac Pro made a strange beep beep sound as well. Finally discovered it was Skype beeping every time one of my contacts came on line. To rid yourself of the beep, open Skype, click "Skype" on the Skype menu bar at the top of your screen, click Preferences, and click on the notifications tab. Under the "Events" drop-down box go to "Contact becomes available", then UN-select the play sound box. Finally peace and quiet and no sporadic beeping!!!

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    Entourage preferences
    It's entourage creating a loud buzzing sound, it's a notification that says there is no messages !!!
    Go to Preferences > notification > go to sounds options and uncheck no mail sounds :::

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    My Macbook Pro makes this 'blurrp, blurrp, bloop' sound sometimes. It's completely random and as far as I can tell for no apparent reason at all. I can't figure it out. Can anyone tell me why it does this and how to turn it off?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yep, it was skype. Don't worry about it!

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    Smile Tock sound on MacBook Pro
    Was having same issues here. Was driving me nuts especially with headphones on. It would occur every 5 minutes.
    Check your Apple Mail settings:
    - Mail
    - Preferences
    - Under "New Messages Sound" uncheck the box marked "Play sounds for other mail actions."
    - Quit and reload Mail

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