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    Mackbook: Won't wake up
    When I put my mackbook to sleep with the screen still up, sometimes it has problems waking up. I'll hit a key to wake it back up, and when it tries to wake up all I see is a black screen and my mouse cursor. Any ideas guys and gals?
    -Greg P

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    i get the same thing once in a while...

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    I mean aside from that my macbook has been perfect. What gives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by precisionelite
    I mean aside from that my macbook has been perfect. What gives?
    From what I've noticed, it happens because you don't allow the macbook to shutdown completely (screen turn black) before you close the lid.

    Try waiting til the screen turns black before you close it and see if that works...


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    Yes I had this problem. The guy in the Apple Store told me that it can take up to 10 seconds for the MacBook to completely shutdown after the lights go out (so to speak). Closing the thing before it is shutdown can "confuse it"! In my case, it actually caused OSX to shutdown and I had to press [Apple][Power] to restart it.

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    Either I'm confused, or people on this thread are discussing two different things. The first raised was the issue of closing your MacBook while the screen was still lit, and someone said to wait til the screen goes dark...and the last post concerned not closing the lid until shutdown is complete, otherwise it will go to sleep.

    As for the former, I close the lid on my MacBook all the time while the screen is still lit, and I don't have any problems waking it up when I lift the lid up. As for the latter, I'm aware of the fact that that when you close the lid when shutdown is in process, it will go to sleep.

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