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    My many "walks of shame"
    After reading about the Irish "walk of shame", I'd thought I'd post up my many walks of shame to an Apple Care Centre in Madrid.

    Here's the most recent letter I sent out to Apple about my faulty PowerBook G4:
    POWERBOOK G4 1.5 15”



    First I’d like to say thank you for the 3 month extension on my PowerBook G4. I was delighted to get a positive response from Apple after the numerous problems my computer has encountered.

    Unfortunately the problems have not stopped. My computer is now suffering random power failures where the power pack neither powers the computer or the battery for very long periods of time. I can be using the computer or it might be asleep, and the green power light will switch off and the computer switches to battery power until it runs out.

    I returned to the same Apple Care Centre in Madrid (Dr. Castelo, 35, 28009 Madrid) and was first told that my extension wasn’t valid by the technician. This was eventually resolved only then the technician offered to sell me a replacement power pack – this kind of attitude is incredible, especially I have already spent 2,300€ on this computer and have a guarantee!

    The technician gave me a power pack from the shop while a replacement was sent out from Apple for him to keep.

    However, the problem has not been resolved and the power continues to switch off at random times – clearly the problem is more complicated than a power pack failure.

    I understand that shopping hours in Spain are very short with siestas and early closing – but the technician was unwilling to wait for me before Friday closing at 3pm and unlike him I do need to work Fridays, and the weekends.

    Recently I read about a customer who was willing to walk to his nearest Apple store in Dublin for a replacement. He was then sent a replacement within a matter of hours. What exactly has to happen before someone receives this kind of service?

    I’ve had constant problems with my PowerBook G4 and am heavily reliant on it. I have been back and forth to the Apple centre with one problem after another so many times that I’ve lost count.

    My worry is that after a year, my computer is failing in nearly all its parts. What happens when my screen gives out, or something else happens and my 3 month extension has expired? Replacement parts are extremely expensive – money I don’t have and money that I am losing for the days I cannot work.

    So far my logic board has failed twice, the right USB connection, the airport card, and now my computer is suffering complete power failures. How much would this cost me when my extension is no longer valid – I know that a single logic board is around 500€ and mine has failed twice already. Am I supposed to find over two thousand euros every year to buy a new computer to be able to work securely?

    I look forward to hearing your reply and resolving these on-going, time consuming, and costly problems once and for all.


    Steven Jones
    Now I don't know what to expect from Apple – I don't even know if I'm going to be able to work this weekend, but I'll post any updates here and in any other forums I find.

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    Update - delete this thread
    Though I've not heard from Apple yet, a number of people have replied to my post on From this and other forums the general consensus seems to be that Apple must replace seriously faulty equipment... a very valid customer response.

    Apple have now DELETED my thread... so is the kind of service being offered to the customer?

    I have re-posted my thread on and will post any updates here.

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    I'm still waiting on hearing from Apple Customer Relations. I can't have this computer in the shop any longer as it's essential to my business and am at a loss for what to do.

    Here's the complete list of problems (all occurring in the first year of purchase)...

    Logic Board failure
    USB port failure (2nd new logic board)
    Logic Board failure (3rd one)
    Airport card failure
    Random power failures
    Replacement power pack
    Continuing random power failures
    Serious overheating

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    ...been impossible to contact Apple Customer Relations today... 20€ telephone calls just to be kept on waiting. It's also impossible to ring the 902 number from an Internet Cafe, so the other options is phoning from a telephone in the street.

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    Still waiting on the solution... finally after more time and money phoning the Apple 902 number, a technician rang back and had me do a test. He then updated my case reference and now I have to wait until Monday to find out if they'll replace this thing once and for all.

    Watch this space.

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    Well... a fantastic and satisfying service from Apple!

    Apple rang back yesterday (from Ireland) which saved a fair bit of money in International calls/and waiting... and a new MacBook Pro is on its way, confirmed today!

    To be completely honest, this does 100% make up for every single problem I have had with my PowerBook G4. In fact, I love Apple all over again - and will keep telling people with PCs that they are just wrong.

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    Congratulations, sounds like a great result! It is annoying that Apple decided to delete your thread but I've seen it happen before - anything negative on those boards does have a habit of disappearing.

    Keep your fingers crossed the next one will be more reliable

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