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    Angry death of an ibook
    Well i've had my ibook for about a month, I'd heard such great things about apples hardware i thought that it would last a year at least. but nope, its a paperweight.

    I'd just bought more ram which i didn't even get to put in before it croaked.

    goodbye macforums, i hope yours work longer than mine but please stop telling people about how much better than pc's they are, its a lie, they crash just the same but you can do less about it when they do.

    i had such high hopes

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    this makes no sense...if it's only a month old send it back and get a new one or a with any laptop you should have bought the extended warranty, but even without AppleCare you are still under the std warranty after a month...please explain....

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    Guest I see your problem;

    you wrote;
    <<Greetings, I'm a linux user of many years who recently purchased an ibook second hand so i could learn what all this OSX freebsd stuff was about. >>

    how can you possible trash and entire company over a used laptop...where did you buy it? many Ebay sellers even offer 30 day return policies....

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    ONE iBook dies, and all of a sudden ALL Apples are junk. What's the hardware failure rate of Apple vs. other PC manufacturers? You will probably find better quality in Macs because of their ability to control the quality of components.

    There are always lemons. Even Roll-Royce cannot product a perfect car. Hell, even NASA can't seem to build close to perfect space equipment.

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    Ok so macs aren't all junk,I'm sorry i was very upset.
    i've bought an imac, again i think its lovely, i've had no trouble yet.

    Sorry for the trollish post up there, you are of course all utterly correct, can't really damn an entire company on one old laptop.

    I suspect you understand how upsetting it is to loose an ibook so recently after purchasing it thuogh - perhaps you then understand the illogical rubbish i was spouting after such a berievement.

    my appologies to you all.
    I don't retract my comments that it costs more and you can do less to fix your mac if it breaks as its true, but of course they aren't junk, And actually having read a little more into the differences between ppc and x86 i recently learned that actually you guys have the better chip design too!

    So thats a better window manager (osx), unix underneath in its bsd form - very cool, and all running on a better designed chip than any pc.

    (of course linux will run on a ppc too but linux will run on anything)

    Once again though, my appologies.

    peace love and working imacs


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    ha...welcome back to the fold

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