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    Hi, sorry if this has already been posted or if it is in the wrong section i did give it a quick search but my little problem is to do with my very sexy macbook (which my girlfriend has named iris).

    I took out three years apple care because in the past with my old g4 imac i used it few times, but it does not cover you for theft or accidental damage. I asked the apple store i purchased it from if they did some kind of insurance that protected me against these things, they said no. I was told i would have to claim of my house insurance.

    My question is does any one know of some kind of monthly insurance plan either with apple or another company that will cover my macbook from theft and accidental damage.



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    You were told correctly when Homeowner's Insurance was suggested. That is about the only way you will be able to insure the computer.

    P.S.- You referred to the notebook as sexy, but not your girlfriend?
    my very sexy macbook (which my girlfriend has named iris).
    What does she think about this?...hehe, :black:
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    If you rent, you might look into rentors insurance about that type of coverage.

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    Yes i also hear home owners insurance is the way to go.

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    If your in the UK you can get cover from (I think thats right) they also cover PDA's as well.
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    i'll offer insurance.. $35/month w/ $250 deductible.

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