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    disco de arranque lleno
    a message is coming since few days saying "disco de arranque casi lleno", in english would be +/- "hard disk almost full" i think? but since i'm new with mac, i can't find a way to make some space! i did delete lots of files to help going faster as it's going very slow but it's not helping a lot! any tips...

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    when you deleted the files, did you also empty the trash? Doing that and refreshing the desktop will show the true size of the hard drive. In your Applications Folder > Utilities folder > Activity Monitor. This application is like Task Manager in Windows - it will tell you what programs are using all your memory and/or processor.

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    it's says also when i want to use something that i cant because the scratch disc is full!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldelhi
    it's says also when i want to use something that i cant because the scratch disc is full!
    Is this happening in Photoshop?
    If it is, take a look on Adobe's site here:
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    tks! its says that on my HD i dont have any space! and in memory of the system, "wired" is 77? what is mean? and then in activity i have a lot in red?!
    anyway, i do i do to make some space? i did clean the garbidge and now i'm doing it again (the sure way). i'd like to take out some "proceso" but i don't know what they are? i dont know them names?! ex: coreaudiod takes 864kb, maybe i can through it away?

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    yes! it's happening specialy in photoshop! i'll check it out! tks!

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