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    Macbook sound card- bass sounds weird.
    With the vast majority of my music easily organized and centralized on my laptop I thought I would use it as a stereo hub, with the slick little remote coming in handy.

    I hooked my Macbook up to my stereo system with a quarter inch adapter in the headphone port and into the "Aux in" port on the stereo. I play lots of music through it and it sounds pretty good, although I have noticed that the bass pounds and pops out of the mix a lot... I listen to lots of traditional ska so this is an issue.

    I thought it might be the cord or the stereo, but it definitely is the Mac, because it happens through the Macbook's speakers. I tried messing with the equalizers on the stereo and the computer as well but to no avail.

    Does anyone else notice this issue? I have narrowed it down to the computer, and wonder if there are any fixes... heading off to college soon and don't plan on taking any music not on the computer.

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    It could be the bitrate that the music was ripped at. I would suggest re-ripping at least one of those CD's at a higher rate and see if that makes a difference. If it does, then you might want to consider doing the same for the rest of your music.
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    No, I rip everything at a high rate... I'm sort of an audiophile, but without knowing anything about recording.

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    Oh yeah one person on another board blamed volume levels on each, or the fact that "Aux in" ports on stereos are crap. I was thinking about getting an external sound card, assuming it's not the stereo, could this help?

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    You could link up a CD player to the stereo the same way to see if this also cause the same issue. Other than that you can connect optically
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