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    Why does my MacBook turn itself off randomly??
    After I turn my MacBook on it frequently turns itself off of its own accord - the screen goes dark and there is a "zap" power sound and I have to press the power button to restart. Sometimes this happens after 10 seconds, sometimes after half an hour and sometimes not at all. What's going on???

    Thanks !

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    That's not a good sign. I've read about logic board failures and that sounds like one. Get it checked out, cause it doesn't sound like something that is fixed without returning it. Sorry to hear about that though. Mine has been fine. Good luck.

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    bad logic board common problem , go get it fixed

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaXStank
    bad logic board common problem , go get it fixed
    This is quite disturbing.
    My Avatar says it all.

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    i'm having the same problem and ive only had my macbook (2 ghz) for a week. i've been doing a little reading up on this and a lot people are having these problems. some have sent their computers to be fixed (logic board) but their macbooks still have the same problem. i'm pretty ****** off and i wished that i hadn't blown about $1500 on a computer that i cant rely on, especially after a week.

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