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Thread: cleaning MB

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    Sep 26, 2005
    cleaning MB
    For the screen - use Clean Dr. solution and the included lintfree rag. (works well) because I already have it

    For the filthy trackpad , I dampen a paper towel with water, ring it out, and apply pressure (and quickly wipe it with a dry paper towel)

    what do I use to clean the outer plastic? just because the casing behind the screen where the apple logo is has a lot of smudges and finger prints and it doesn't look very good right now hah.

    screw iKlear, I'm not shelling out 20 dollars for it.

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    Sep 26, 2005
    Ugh, even after trying to clean the greasy trackpad, it doesnt seem much better.

    so i need help with the trackpad and the plastic casing.

    but the screen is now perfect

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    I use a lint free cloth dampned to clean mine even thecasing

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    Just use Windex whipes for the body and those pre-moistened lens cloths they sell at Wal-Mart. Works fine for all our laptops here (my PowerBook, an IBM/ Lenovo, and an HP).
    I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.

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    One of the Geniuses at my local Apple Store told me to make a diluted solution of dishwashing liquid and water and apply it with a soft cloth. That always works wonders for me on the case and the screen.

    The tough stains on the wrist areas can be cleaned with a Mr Clean Magic eraser.

    I've mentioned in these forums before that I am not a fan of the iKlear items at all-- I've found them to be expensive and not as effective as the solution described above.

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    I use an old baby's undershirt and a half and half mixture of isopropyl alcohol and filtered water. I've heard from others that a few commerical screen cleaners are made of similar mixtures.

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    I use iKlear and it doesnt remove scratches just cleans. I think it does a nice job but for the money not worth it really.

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