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    Switching out hard drive?
    Hi there, this is my first post here. I'm excited to join the mac community. Tomorrow i'm heading down to the local Apple store and picking up the stock 2ghz MacBook. Right off the bat I want to make two major upgrades, one being ram and the other hard drive. I plan on putting in 2gb, and I aleady know how to do all of that.

    The part that concerns me is switching out the hard drive. I would be switching it almost as soon as I get the system. As far as my understanding goes, do I just take out the old one, plug the new one in it's place, and then boot the system with the OSX disk in the drive? Does the MacBook come with a boot disk in the first place or will I need more tools to do this? Other than thta i'm set :black:

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    When you get your Macbook, it will have OS X pre-installed. That means, you can start your exploration straightaway. However, if you decide to swap HDs, your new HD has nothing on it. You will have to install OS X from the DVDs you will get with the MB. However, it is a good learning process and a nice way to customize things from the day one.

    Good luck and welcome to world of Macs!

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