ok im sorry to all you computer experts but im not one, i have been on the phone to pc world and apple for half an hour no luvk, i need to sell my lap top but due to my lack of expertees i have no idea how much its worth. none of the people i spoke to could give me any advice on where to go etc and they said they didnt have any info on the model, so im going crazy.

i have an i book g4 bought brand new in 2004 used ocasionally

im not very good with all the jargon but as it was bought from pc world in 04 i thought they might remember what was installed on the laptop, anyway as far as i know its a basic package with office software etc and i havnt added any more programmes, its hardly been used an its in great condition still with box and leads etc, if any one has any advice for me on getting a valuation and how and where to sell it i would be so happy. i have no idea how much it was to beggin with bcos it was a present, i think between 600 and 700.

please help