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    Macbook discoloring/Dirt?
    Well ive been using my macbook for about 2 months now. And im seeing on the front top deck of the apple the glossy white area with the Apple logo. The sides are turning blue/black. And inside where the keyboard is theres dots of dirt that are stuck on the laptop. Should i see apple about a warrenty? the front has black slashes through the sides and there turning black.

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    Well a little update:

    I went to the Mac Store because the full Macbook was getting black/blue. I went there and the Mac genius was terrified to see my macbook he was amazed to see a discolored Macbook. He said he owned the same model and hasnt had any problems. But the botom of the MB and the top was changing colors. He used iKlear and it cleaned up a little or made it a little duller but was still there. He added like 5LBS of pressure and it still didnt go away so i appled for a warrenty. How long does Mac repair Center take? Also they wouldnt let me take out the HD, Is there a chance they will wipe it clean? Since the Mac genius saw the inside and outside and noticed the same problems with the dirt being stuck in the plastic.
    Will they replace the whole body of the macbook? because it had dots on white part of the screen, Keyboard, trackpad,Bottom,and top.
    Also he said my trackpad is damaged lol he said it isnt responding very well...

    Wow what a horrible day hahaha but i still like the Macbook. No matter what people say this computer has the perfect size and everything i would need in a laptop. That was my visit to the mac store today. He said 3-5 days is normal but estimate is 7-15 days to recieve it back

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    well i got it repaired 3 times now and on the 3rd time Apple didnt touch a thing. Is it possible for me to go into a mac store and request a replacement since in the california law it says after a reasonable attempts to get the problem repaired they can allow a replacment/refund? i want to upgrade to the blackbook i think it would be a better replacement since i doubt it will discolor. i was reading a old article and my serial # falls into the first batch with the discoloring.

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    I got off the phone with a Mac genius after being called by apple support saying i cant call technical support without being charged $50.00 so i decided to call the direct store. He said i cant get a replacement because apparently the genius didnt specify where the problem was.

    The guy was nice bu the said to get a replacement or to upgrade it would have to be 3 MAJOR repairs and not cosmitic issues. I dont want to send my laptop off for another 2 week, when i just got it back! this is the worse product ive ever bought with so many problems.

    Do you guys have suggessions to pursuade the MAC manager to just give me a break and let me upgrade to a black or just getting a replacement. this is ridiculous 3 repairs and same results or even worse.

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