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    Help me!
    Alright, yesterday I got my Macbook back from applecare and was happy to see the problem had been fixed, which was a cracked up-arrow key (has anyone else had this issue? Didn't think so). However, I was irritated to see that now whenever I turn the computer on or off, i get a black screen with lots of code in it. I would call this screen a "diagnostic" screen maybe, as I have no idea what its proper name is. How can I make this go away. I really want it gone. Also, I was just now playing around with it, seeing if I could fix my own "diagnostic screen" problem, when it decided it doesn't love me anymore and decided to restart. I had read about this issue and was happy my Mac wasn't doing it, but now I've got that problem too. I start school soon and do not want to return it to applecare to have them fix it, wasting another 6 days or so. Thanks for reading and if you can help me out I'd really appreciate it. Now I'm off to buy a cable lock so no one steals it out of my dorm. Any brands recommended?

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    It is in single user mode. Press apple + option + p +r at startup for two chimes

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    Just a side note, interestingly enough, one of my Macbooks has a cracked-up arrow, too.

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    Thanks guys, got it all sorted out. Does anyone have the Kensington cable lock? Thats the one I settled on. Hope it's not a piece of crap.

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    I haven't used one but eBay have a few going:

    Kensington Cable Locks

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    You don't say how you sorted it out, but for the benefit of other readers...

    Your machine was put into verbose mode by the Apple tech. You can use a product like Cocktail (which has a lot of cool features) to turn off verbse mode.

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