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    MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update issues...
    I don't know if anyone else has gone through this, but I've been trying to install the SMC Firmware Update and it doesn't work.

    I download and run the update application and the update screen comes up giving me the instructions for installing the update. I plug the computer in as instructed...

    I hit the restart button as instructed, the computer restarts and a grey screen with the apple logo and a flashing line below it appear. Then the computer loads up MAC OS X as normal and the same update window appears, telling me that if I see the restart window, that the firmware update was not successfull.

    Help, please, anyone? neye:

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    Oh yeah, that happened to me once. You have to press option(?) during startup, I think. You have to press some key to bring up the firmware startup menu thingy.
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