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    What is a good HDD for the macbook?
    Im looking to upgrade the HDD in my MacBook, almost definately to 120GB (160 is too much and 100 isnt cheap enough to warrant the downgrade). this is the one im looking at:
    From shopping around i know that its at a competitive price, but im wondering if this is a good HDD, has ne one had problems with western digital hdd's, can ne one suggest one that might be better but isnt too expensive?

    thanks for ne insight u can give me!

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    Some discussion is already underway in this thread.

    I like doing business with OWC (, but seems to have better prices. And I've always had good luck with them as well.

    I've used Seagate drives for years in my desktop PCs and I've always been pleased. I have zero experience with their laptop drives, though.

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