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    Corners of Screen
    Just noticed this for the first time tonight... Both of the lower corners of the screen on my Macbook have a small area that is darker than the rest. It's sort of a reverse flare if that makes sense. You can really notice it when the background is a solid, medium shade.

    I think it is just how the backlight is implimented but I don't know why I just noticed it. My concern is it might be an early sign of trouble. That and I can't stop looking at for it.

    Is this issue common to all Macbooks?


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    I don't have macbook, but if you think it will cause any trouble, i know you can call apple and tell them about the problem. If they think it needs fixing, they'll fix it for you.
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    Mine has a thin black "border" around the entire screen is that what your talking about?

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    Hey, just curious, i understand completely what you mean, but how big of a "flare" are you talking about, because i know that my corners are a little darker, but its really small, less than a centimeter both ways, its pretty common in the ultra thin LCD displays, its just the way corners on screens work, its on most monitors, but its not a big deal, but if its kind of large like an inch on all sides then you should have it checked out.

    A way to test if its "faded pixels" and not just dimmed due to illumination issues that arise with light reflecting in corners, is testing the brightness, turn ur brightness down all the way and then turn it up, if it keeps getting lighter than its normal, like it will become brighter with the rest of the screen but still be a little dimmer. If that lights more with the brightness level, it is not a problem, just an LCD light distribution issue with almost all LCD displays.

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    @v3GTP It's not the border but rather in the active area of the screen...

    @mplock To give you an idea of the size, if I have a window set up to fill the whole screen, the flare is about the size of the square "resize" icon block in the lower right corner.

    It becomes a bit more noticeable at lower screen brightness but having looked at it several times, I think the effect is linear.

    @macEfan I'm pretty sure it is just something I didn't notice before. If not, I have a year of warranty from Apple to cover it. I bought the notebook with my Amex card so I get an extra year of coverage from them for free. Given that I don't think I'll opt for extended Apple Care.

    Any additional imput is still appreciated.


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    I have this on the bottom right of my MacBook too. Ths does not bother me, cause if you look at those nasty and cheap PC laptops they have it alot worse.
    It's got to be something about the way the screen is mounted in the housing cause it will fade if you flex the screen ever so gently.

    Anyway, not to worry. No dead pixels so I dont care.
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