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Thread: electric shock?

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    Jun 05, 2006
    electric shock?
    I searched and searched and came up with nothing. but i was wondering if anyone gets shocked by there Mac, because for the past 2 weeks it has been shocking me where my forearms are on the edge. i dont know why this would have started all the sudden, and its by no means a large shock but its enough to annoy.
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    same for me....but only sometimes....and only when plugged in. I have no idea, but I dont notice it all the time. Your is annoying.

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    problem after problem after problem! make sure you ground yourself before using your mbp!

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    So long as it only happens when you first sit down, it's probably just a static charge that you've built up. I get the same thing at my PowerBook every winter. Not to mention whenever I get out of my car.

    Now, if your fingers get all tingly when you touch the case (and it's not, well, excitement at having such a pretty computer or something) then you should be concerned.

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    The problem appears only when the AC plug is not grounded. Whenever I use the plug that has the grounding I do not feel that electricity.

    Hope this helps...

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    Aug 23, 2006
    i havent been shocked by my mpb but.. then the power cable is plugged in the case kinda feels different, i guess its to do with the magsafe plug, and it doesnt really bother me that much, but intregued if anyone else has felt this

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    Yeah I get this. Feels sorta different. Apple discussions say its caused by a minute current running thru the outer casing when plugged in. Officially they say its nothing to be concerned about.
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