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    please help
    what the is keyaccess (ka-180)

    Hey everytime i open any programs on my ibook it always says "the network keyserver controlled programs, has denied "student" permission to logon." I dont understand what's going on wit this. before it used to do the ka-180 code when i tried to open word mac i got the error message.


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    Is this your computer or did you get it from a school?
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    You may need to ask your Network Admin for help on this one......

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    please help
    The mac is from my school i attend 21st century cyber charter school is there anyway to get around it with out getting the administer to aprove it?

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    No you will need to get the Sys Admin to change your permissions
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    please help
    oh ok i guess ill have to wait till tommerow to be able to start making my lil site.
    hey speaking of which i want to set up a forum. is it possiable to do this with my ibook or should i start of on a windows based pc.
    thanks for the help

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    You don't need any specific type of PC to make a forum.

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    please help
    Thanks guys for the help and for puting up wit my dumbquestions :dummy: :smiley:

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