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Thread: Leopard, When it arrives

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    Leopard, When it arrives
    I like to plan ahead.. I'm wondering whether Leopard will run as smoothly on my G4 iBook 1.33, 1GB RAM when it comes out as Tiger currently does. Is it supposed to be more of a resource hog? I'd hate to have to buy a Macbook, the extra inch is just so noticeable.

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    No one knows.
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    Yes, nobody will be able to answer that until it comes out. And nobody knows exactly when that will be, other than first half of 2007.
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    Nobody really knows for sure, but my guess is that it will run fine. With 1 gig of ram and 1.33 ghz, it will be fine. I mean Tiger runs smoothly on my 500mhz cube with 640 mb of ram and that machine was didcontinued years ago.

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    "I'd hate to have to buy a Macbook, the extra inch is just so noticeable."

    That sentence makes me laugh.

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    I'm waiting for it

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    Well at WWDC Steve said that Leopard would still run on G3 processors. Im my opinion if it was really that much of a resource hog then they wouldn't have mentioned that it would run on G3 machines, so I think your going to be ok. Also it would be a real slap in the face to customers if they recently bought an iBook and they couldn't run Leopard.

    If....if you do run into some system hang-ups I'm sure that if you added some more RAM you would be fine.

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