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    I recently purchased a Wallstreet G3 and to my surprise the operating system is in Univesal French and not English. The Operating System is OS 9.2.

    This PowerBook has only a 2 Gig hard drive and 256k memory. Please offer suggestions as to how I can go from French to English without loosing the software already installed. I do not mind using OS 9.2 but I do not have a boot disk. I do have a boot disk for OS 10.2 but I am fearful that it will not work with such a small hard drive.

    This unit will be used by one of my grandchildren for word processing only. The unit has MS Office 98 installed and I would not want to loose that software.

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    I definately would not try to run OSX on your pwrbook. that being should be able to change the default language back to english without reinstalling the OS. Try to use an online translator to navigate through some menus until you can find the language prefs. I know this is a pain, but i think it would work.

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