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    867 MHZ PB G4 vs. 800MHZ iBook G4
    What's the difference in performance between the older 867Mhz version of the 12.1" PB and current 800Mhz iBook G4 12.1"?

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    1. 67 mHz
    2. The PowerBook has twice the L1 cache and has a 1mb L3 cache that the iBook doesnt.
    3. iBook has a 64 bit data path, PB has a 128 bit for cpu and 64 for bus
    4. iBook has a max 640 ram, PB 1gb
    5. iBook uses pc2100 ddr266 ram, PB uses PC133
    6. Powerbook has pcmcia slot, iBook does not
    7. iBook has a slightly faster HD speed
    8. Old pB can't use airport extreme
    9. PowerBook has a line-in - iBook doesn't
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