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Thread: Compatible RAM

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    Compatible RAM
    I heard a rumor from a friend of mine that I need to buy my memory specifically from Apple because others are incompatible, yet I hear from others that as long as the speed and other specs are the same it should work. So, leave it to the lovely people on this forum to help me out of it, any help?

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    Your friend is wrong.
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    Yes your friend is very wrong. I bought my MPB becuase I plan to install 3rd party ram later on in the year to max it out becuase simply it'll be much cheaper than if I had Apple install it.

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    unless you have much more money than sense....dont buy RAM from Apple. However...with a killer machine like the MPB, you dont want to go on the cheap either. Go with a good brand like Crucial. Great memory, Great prices.

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    Just checked out the prices for Crucial and they do get solid feedback but I'm a student at a college that gouges the kids out by the tuition. Any solid but perhaps slightly cheaper suggestions?

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    I second Crucial the RAM is very good and there customer service is excellent too especially in the UK.

    there is a Corsair RAM which is good but there have been some compatibility issues with the MBP so that why I went for Crucial.
    If your looking for cheaper alternatives try looking at that's if you live in the USA as I've heard could things about the site and the prices are good as well.
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    I have had issues with Corsair, A-DATA, and Muskin brand RAM in my Mac Book Pro. I finally bought some Transcend that worked. They are a little picky, but you don't need to buy from Apple.

    Check newegg for Transcend brand, I have heard good things about Crucial, but it is more expensive.

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    try otherworldcomputing. I havent had first hand experience with them, but I know a few poeple who love them.

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    Transcend Brand
    My MBP came with 1 GB and I installed a $70 Transcend 1 GB memory module from

    The price of the Crucial brand is about twice the price with no gain in performance or realiability.

    I have built over 50 PC compatible machines and have used various brands of memory. Very few brands are actually "bad." If you do some research you'll find there are only a few manufacturers of the chips themselves and the rest of the companies simply package them. Many companies are just marketing entities that rebrand the memory and sell it under their own name with the usual marketing hype about how good their brand is.

    The one exception is high performance ram that you intend to overclock. In this case you do have to be selective and be prepared to pay extra for its ability to handle the extra speed. Low latency ram will also cost a premium.

    But the Mac Books just use a vanila memory module that is available from a more than a dozen companies, any one of which can provide the right module.

    Transcend is a good as any, and you will find several comments at about people who use this memory in Mac Books.

    You can get a faulty module from any memory maker including Crucial. Just be sure to install and use it when it arrives and exchange it if your Mac begins to lock up.

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    $70 for a Gig? thats a fantastic price!

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    i got g-skill from newegg for $80 a gig . I have 1 gig of it installed in addition to the standard 512 apple provided RAM. Works great, and rember couldn't find anything wrong with it after I ran it overnight.
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