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Thread: 7200RPM HDD's

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    7200RPM HDD's
    Hi Folks - Just ordered my blacbook last week in standard spec..already have 2gb of mushkin ram waiting to go in it and I was hoping to find a 7200rpm drive to swap in as well.

    It is my understanding that the macbooks are using 2.5inc HDD's and i cant seem to find one at any local shop - Can anyone reccomend a drive for me? (looking for 100gb minimum)

    Anyways - This is my first Mac and I can't wait - should be here on monday

    edit: If I find a 7.2k drive, Id also like an case for the 80gb hdd that comes with the macbook for external storage - powered by USB so no AC adapter - any reccomendations for that?

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    I've heard good things about the momentus, but any of these on this page should work

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