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    Strange Observations of my MacBook
    I just got my MacBook last week, and I noticed 2 things that bugs me:

    1) It runs quite warm, and I am unable to measure its temperature using CoreDuoTemp, it only oscillates between 2 unrealistic temperatures, such as 18C & 22C when it's clearly the MacBook is a lot warmer than that. I tried downloading X Resource Graph (XRG) and it reports "No Sensors Found". I have checked the firmware and it is the latest one. All software updates applied.

    2) Coconut Battery reports the capacity down to 96% and it only have 1 load-cycle so far. When I got it, it was 99% and it's been going down since. My friend with a Powerbook after 41 load-cycles is still at 99%.

    I am concern with both issues. Any comments or suggestions regarding both issues would be welcomed.

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    Did you calibrate your battery?
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    Yes, exactly as instructed on the Apple website.

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