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Thread: Discoloration..but different.

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    Aug 07, 2006
    Discoloration..but different.
    Hey guys. :batman:

    My Macbook, which is about a month old, is having discoloration. It isn't yellow, but it's more darkish blue/purple.

    My iBook had discoloration also, but that was after months of usage. Do you guys think that there might be a problem here? Or is it just normal usage, and it isn't something I should worry about?

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    Jun 06, 2006
    If it's a white macbook turning blue, then the problem is highly unlikely to be related to the machine itself. It's most likely something rubbing off either your hands or your clothing. Where abouts on the machine is the discolouration occuring?

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    Aug 07, 2006
    Palm area, and the right side of the trackpad button.

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    Aug 07, 2006
    Update on this: I'm actually on the phone with Applecare, and besides the awful waiting times, I'm pleased. They're going to send me a box to put my computer in, and I'll send it in for a new case.

    Kind of annoying, but hey, whatever will get it done.

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