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    Advice Needed - Should I sell PowerBooks for MBP
    Hello all! Great forum, I've been lurking it ever since I switched a year and a half ago! I am just too timid to post!

    Here's my question (I hope this is the appropriate place to post it in... I debated between this one, anything goes or Buy/Sell/Trade...feel free to move me if need be).

    I have two powerbooks (I'll list the specs below). The 12inch is my first Apple ever and I love it to death! The 15inch I ended up getting for free because it was sitting in the werehouse of the company I work for and well, the boss said take it!

    That being said I love having 2 pbooks, but managing two machines can be such a hassle! (Which docs are where, etc etc) Plus I really should simplify my life and fight the "collector mentality."

    Anyways, I was thinking of selling the units and using the money for a MBP. I am not a big fan of the keyboards on the MacBooks so I don't think I'd go for anything other than the Pro. I prefer the 15inch powerbook, I think it's very portable and I like the screen brightness/size... so do i really need the 12inch? But I keep the 12inch because it's still under apple care! I have no desktop system. I'd like to get an iMac soon as well.

    Another question... I am not sure of how much I should expect to get for the systems...

    1.) 12inch pb 1.33ghz 60gb 1.25mb RAM Super Drive Bluetooth, Airport etc.
    For this machine I have the original box and everything that came with it. Still has applecare until Dec 07. Also, I have a great Booq Boa XS that I would let go with it.

    2.) 15inch pb 1.25ghz 80gb 512mb RAM Super Drive Bluetooth, Airport etc. I have the box, but NO recovery media or powercord (blast!). And no applecare.

    I have not had any issues with either machine and both are in perfect physical shape!

    So, what would you do? I know it's my decision in the end, but I am asking if you were in my position...

    I am pretty much a basic user. I have no REAL need for photoshop or any PPC software.

    I'd be looking at a maxed out 15inch MBP (I'll do the memory myself).

    Also, is it likely there will be a revision to the MBPs in Sept? Soon?

    So? What would you do?

    Thanks in advance!

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    When the intel imac came out...i bought one. Loved it. Then, when the macbook came out, I sold the imac, and bought a macbook. Last week I sold the macbook and got a MBP 2.0 Ghz 1.5GB RAM....... I know powerbooks are sweet machines, but this macbook pro is amazing. Its blazing fast, and the design, while similar to a powerbook, is tweaked to perfection. I would say sell the Powerbooks and go for the macbook pro....its worth it. As for the revision, Apple will no doubt put Memron 64bit chips in the MBP within a couple months, but in all honesty, you probably dont need a 64bit need to wait. there will not be a noticable speed difference between the core duo and memron.

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    I will say sell the powerbooks and upgrade if you don't want to have 2 computers, or atleast sell one of them and get a screen for one.. In my oppinion, there is no need to have 2 computers if you don't need 2 computers, so sell one, and buy something to make yourself happy. If it was me I would sell one of them and then buy a apple display to go with the one I kept. Thus eliminating the need for a desktop in the future, and eliminating the need to keep track of documents (weather its on your desktop or your laptop). This would be as I would do If I was happy with what I had, only but had more then one.
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    look at it this way....within the next year, that powerbook is going to start showing its age pretty rapidly. You are going to have to upgrade...the question is when

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