I want to use the opportunity to complain about Apple-'Service'.

Almost 5 weeks ago from today I brought my Macbook Pro (purchased in April) to an Apple Store regarding the very annoying Random-Shutdowns Issue. I was able to make a backup before service - luckily after two tries (one shutdown). So, they sent it in for repair to Houston. One week later it came back and they tested it, still the same problem. They sent it in again, it came back one week later - still the same problem!! So, this Apple Store decided to give me a replacement, but it MUST be exact the same configuration. Im waiting for this replacement now already 3 weeks - that makes 5 weeks in total without my working computer!!!

The Apple Care Hotline makes me crazy - 20 minutes in holding-lines, checking my data for another 15 minutes, to finally get an 'Im sorry, but this is all we can do.'

From Dell, IBM, and Toshiba Im used to excellent and quick service. They would just have given me another similar (or better) device. But Apple insists to make a copy of my old computer instead of making a good customer satisfied.

Is there somebody who had a similar experience? What can I do?