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Thread: questions by a future macbook purchaser...

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    questions by a future macbook purchaser...
    ok, first off, i'm not going to betray and run to windows...i just need to know some answers before i buy a macbook. to start off, i'm starting a new career in real estate and the company i will be working for uses windows, of course, and none of the software or devices work with mac. so, i decided to just purchase the lowest end mac with intel chips that i could find. the only thing i will be using windows for is my job, which will require hooking up to a wireless network and storing databases of new properties. the device that i will using is called Supra, and it's a key that allows agents to get into the lock box that holds the house keys. of course the code updates everyday and you need to hook it up to your computer to get the new code. whether that will work with a mac is unknown (anyone who knows what i'm talking about, clue me in...). otherwise, i'll be networking my macbook with my g4 at home and using it for my own use. i will also be purchasing the max 2 gb ram, but through another vendor.

    1. boot camp or parellels desktop? i don't think i need pd, but i want to know how stable the latest version of bc is.

    2. if i get the macbook with the 2ghz chips, will that be enough to run with leopard?

    3. if i install windows w/ mac osx 10.4, will i be able to completely erase the drive to install leopard and then reinstall windows? i'm assuming i'd want to do that because leopard will have a better version of boot camp available. i guess i want to know if you can just stick the osx disk back in and do a clear all data and then start over with leopard, when it becomes available.

    4. supra key, any ideas? will most hardware work through boot camp? i believe this a usb device.

    5. ram. has anyone heard of this company:

    6. anything else i should know before jumping into a macbook and installing that blasted windows...errr...i hate xp...

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    1.They are both good choices, if you are honestly just using it for that one program and do not mind rebooting, go with Boot Camp, it's free. That being said I use Parallels and it is a great program!
    2. Yep
    3. Unknown ye
    4. bootcamp will boot your computer to be a windows machine so it should work fine with the right drivers and software
    5. I (and may other) got the 1gb G. Skill sticks from newegg for ~$75 apiece and they work fine
    6. ummm... have fun?

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